The Power of a Special Friend

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No matter what our age, we all need at least one special friend; someone with whom we can share our deepest feelings, thoughts, and questions. None of us have to  do it alone. We need to be heard, reflected back, no answers necessary, simply reflections. We often know the next step if we give ourselves the time and space to access it.

I am blessed to have so many special friends in my life, and in particular, my husband and best friend  make my life worth living. They both know how to listen with compassion. This translates to me to let go or at least suspend the self-judgment. Because of their presence in my life, I can count my blessings more readily. My faith and trust that all is well is magnified because of these two special people in my life.

If you don’t feel you have at least one person who supports you unconditionally, it’s never too late to begin to cultivate. Choose to spend time with those who support the direction you want to grow. Know deeply that you are loved and accepted just the way you are, with all your unique “humaness”.

I used to choose friends that not only participated but encouraged the habits that did not support my best self. I had a “Friday night” friend with whom I’d bake a batch of brownies and together we’d consume almost all of it. It became such a pattern, I had to avoid spending time with her to break out of the “addiction”. This can be a huge loss. Of course, if both parties are eager to shift out of certain ways, you can support each other.

We are so much more able to take better care of ourselves with the support of a loving, honest, direct yet compassionate person. A true blessing!