What’s for breakfast?

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We used to  hear a lot about the importance of eating breakfast. “It kick starts the metabolism, and fuels your body for the demands of the day ahead. Breakfast is especially important for those of us who struggle with extra pounds, because feeding our bodies in the morning actually can help us metabolize more efficiently all day long.”

There is a new body of research emphasizing the importance of “modified fasting”. So if you end dinner at 730pm, and do not eat or drink any more calories before bedtime, now there is evidence to suggest that the longer you wait to ingest your first calories of the day, the better. This is supposed to increase fat burning and potentially increase weight loss. “No one is certain why, but fasting seems to prevent and reverse obesity.”


We need the right kind of foods for our bodies, especially in the morning. When we skip breakfast, or choose foods that aren’t so healthy, deprivation and hunger will likely lead to excessive cravings and over consumption as the day rolls on.

Start your day with a protein rich breakfast, just wait as long as you can before starting eating.   A couple  of eggs and/or a few slices of turkey bacon are a good option. A quality whey based protein powder could be another possibility. Or try a high fiber, high protein cereal with greek yogurt. Or, if you’re getting tired of the standard breakfast fare, how about some leftover dinner for breakfast? Salmon or chicken with some sauteed veggies would be good. Or turn the crock pot on at night and you’ll have a hot dinner-for-breakfast waiting for you when you wake. Another good option is a simple miso soup with a slice of high fiber whole grain bread and nut butter.

Avoid refined sugars and processed grains, as they cause fluctuations in blood sugars which can lead to weight gain.  Be sure to hydrate with plenty of water. As the weather cools, try hot water with lemon for a soothing start to the day.